Our expertise is  creating an assessment solution that best fits the client’s needs. This could be for large scale hiring of entry level employees to identifying the strengths and developmental needs of  high potential executives. Assessments  can range from off the shelf web based solutions to custom designed leadership simulations.

Executive Coaching

We provide individual coaching services that are aimed at improving the leadership competence of current executives, or those deemed as high potentials. Our approach focuses on intrgrating new behaviors and leadership routines into the existing work. This action-learning approach has been proven to be both effective and efficient in building competence in a short time period. Individual coaching sessions usually lasts 6 months.  


Employee retention is more than just creating incentives to stay.  It is creating an organization and HR processes that will engage employees so that leaving is furthest thing on their mind.  .  Our approach is to gather information on each HR process that impacts employees across their lifecycle. It also includes gathering information from various people—new employees, supervisors, former employees, etc.  All of this will identify key turnover drivers, especially for those employees for whom turnover was regrettable. Once these drivers are identified, we help our clients implement recommended solutions and monitor their impact.