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Labor Organizing Diagnostic Survey

We offer an easy to implement Labor Organizing Diagnostic Survey that will provide you with a bottom-line risk assessment of your exposure to becoming unionized. The Labor Organizing Diagnostic Survey is a research-based, action-oriented instrument. Unlike traditional employee attitude surveys, this survey focuses on those work and employer factors that directly affect employees’ desire to form or join a union.

Successful labor organizing capitalizes on management’s failure to be a good employer in such areas as:

  • Unfulfilled promises and expectations
  • Little or no employee engagement activities
  • Unfair and inconsistent HR policies and practices
  • Unfair and uncompetitive pay and benefits
  • Sustaining an distrustful relationship

What makes the survey really unique is that it combines both employee personal and work values in the equation. Employees with a traditional mindset of the employee/employer relationship that feel alienated, powerless and generally not in control of their careers are more likely to seek the backing of organized labor.

In addition to an overall risk assessment, you receive a full report that provides actionable recommendations to reduce the probability of successful labor organizing.

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